Handmade Christmas Gifts

Gallant and Jones deck chair with ribbons

I have always handmade Christmas gifts for my loved ones, it started with art and baked goods and evolved into patchwork pillows and scarves. They definitely improved year by year, bless my mother for her encouragement… Now, of course, my friends and family will receive a deck chair at some point in our relationship. I love the idea of them enjoying a view or the sun in our comfy deck chairs, or sitting on the patio in the winter with a blankie (we are bringing out our own range by next winter) and a hot chocolate. The act of giving something handmade is such a joy, there is always a story that goes with it and that is also passed on to the lucky receiver. Even putting a bit of effort into the wrapping shows you care and thats what gift giving is about right? If you have nimble fingers why not try a handmade bow like the one I found on this blog.Β I am thinking of making my husband one out of an old map of his hometown in South Africa, but I still have not worked out waht to make him as Β apresent this year! Another good idea is to save on paper and add bows to the present and bring it out on the day, this works especially well for our deck chairs! :) What are you making as gifts this year and how will you wrap them?

I must say that the season does make me nervous, mostly because I have to make/buy all my families presents early to get them to the UK, South Africa and New Zealand in time, it is always a mad rush. Here are a few ideas form our yogi friend Jacci on how to keep on top of the seasons stresses. Good luck everybody!

x Gwyn


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