Outdoor Living: How to Relax and Restore

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Relax and Restore

Every home should have an oasis. This is the special area where you can unwind, relax and restore your sanity after a busy day. This time of the year, your outdoor living space is the perfect spot to create a personal retreat. No matter how much square footage you are working with, there are a few elements that can be incorporated to ensure the ultimate zen experience. Here are some great options guaranteed to aid in your search for some well deserved R&R.

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Let’s go Camping! New Tents Available in our Shop

new tents

We’ve got New Tents: Let’s go Camping!

It’s that time of year when all we can think about is being outdoors enjoying the lovely weather. At G&J, we love to camp and get out in nature every possible chance we get. How about you?

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10 Outdoor Party Themes for Spring and Summer

outdoor party themes and ideas

Outdoor parties are great any time of the year, but Spring and Summer are by far the most popular months. The days are getting longer, the kids are out of school, and people are looking for any excuse to be outdoors. Whether you’re working with an intimate patio or a sprawling back yard, here are 10 great Outdoor Party Themes and ideas for your next al fresco soiree.

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Indoor Herb Gardens for Health and Wellness

indoor herb garden

Indoor herb gardens are great for brightening up your kitchen and your cuisine. But did you know they can also support your health and wellness? Many of the plants that thrive in an indoor herb garden also have some healthy benefits. From aiding digestion to promoting naturally healthy skin, you’ll find 5 of the more popular healthy indoor garden herbs below.

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Outdoor Weddings; Handy Tips and Inspiration

Outdoor Wedding



Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. The relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous natural setting, and beautiful photos are enough to make any bride swoon. Spring/Summer is the season for an outdoor soiree as Mother Nature generously does most of the decorating for you. From garden settings, to cliff tops, to your back yard, here are some handy tips and inspiration for an al fresco event to remember.


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Stunning and Sustainable Homes

sustainable homes

Came across these amazing Sustainable Homes today by Lang Architecture on Designmilk.

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Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

by Athena Calderone


Here are our favourite Outdoor Living Trends for 2015. Outdoor living is becoming more and more important every year due to the fact that every new generation wants to spend more time outside than the last.

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