Handmade Halloween: Chestnut Spiders

horse chestnut spiders

Chestnut Spiders are one of the easiest Halloween crafts to do with kids.

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Herbs and their Health Benefits

how to get the most from herbs

Herbs for Health: Herbs health benefits have been known by herbalists for centuries, but they have been becoming quite trendy in the last few years as it becomes more mainstream to live an eco-friendly life. If you’re not on the herbal bandwagon yet, here’s how herbs can help your health.

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Keep warm with the Krochet Kids

krochet kids

Krochet Kids will warm your heart as well as your head.

Temperatures are cooling and with no end in sight until spring of 2015, you may want to take a peek at your winter wear and make sure you’re ready to rock and roll over the next six months.

If your cold weather accessories need a little refreshing and restocking, look no further than Krochet Kids for hats and scarves for the whole family that will not only help you stay warm over the next six months and beyond – but your purchase will also help others in Uganda and Peru, who craft each piece, be independent.

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Home Made Granola Recipe

Home Made Granola

The other day I decided to make Home Made Granola. I was so annoyed with the over-priced, over-sugared versions available in supermarkets, that I decided to have a go at making my own.

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The Think Dirty App

think dirty app

Think Dirty App

Equipping your household and beauty bag with non-toxic products sounds like a dream, but intimidating and confusing labels can also make it seem like an impossible task. But this app just made it a whole lot easier.

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Farmer’s Market

farmers market basket

What to expect at the Fall Farmers Markets

Do you feel it? That crispness in the air? Fall is settling in throughout parts of the country and with that comes a welcome shift in available produce that you’ll find at your local Fall Farmers Markets. Here are 10 Fall-season fruits, vegetables and herbs that we can’t wait to pick up (and a recipe on how to use some of them!). So grab your G&J Market Tote and get to shopping!

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French Market Basket Giveaway

Shopping bag give away, market tote, french basket


We are doing an Instagram Gallant and Jones Giveaway of this lovely French Market tote; handwoven, leather trimmed basket. It’s very easy to enter. Just follow us on Instagram @gallantandjones, repost this pic (you can find it here on our account) and hashtag #gallantandjonesgiveaway. We will draw a winner at random on the 22nd of September.

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