Stunning and Sustainable Homes

sustainable homes

Came across these amazing Sustainable Homes today by Lang Architecture on Designmilk.

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Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

by Athena Calderone


Here are our favourite Outdoor Living Trends for 2015. Outdoor living is becoming more and more important every year due to the fact that every new generation wants to spend more time outside than the last.

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New Deck Chair available today!

deck chair, patio chair, sling chair


We added a new Deck Chair and Stool today called Destin. The sling and pillow is a gorgeous Organic cotton with a hand drawn pattern in an emerald/teal green by Josi Severson, printed in the US. There is now an option to add a natural UV protective barrier to all our cotton slings. Just add it to your cart using the drop-down menu. Get in touch if you have any questions about this.

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Sally Campbell Textiles

Sally Campbell textiles

Sally Campbell is a wonderful Textile Designer from Australia. She inspires me because she lives and breaths the art and is always inspiring me with her Instagram shots of travels in India and the talented artisans she meets and the lovely fabrics she finds.

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What’s at the Farmers Market this April?

papaya at Farmers Market this April


At the Farmers Market this April

April is (almost) here – and thank goodness for that. With it comes warmer weather, a feeling of survival after enduring winter, and new produce items at your farmer’s market!  Here’s what to look for when picking up produce through the next glorious, glorious month.


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How To Build A Sustainable House

How To Build A Sustainable House


Finding out how to build a sustainable house can be a lot of work, so here is some great info for you.

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What to Read This Spring

what to read in spring

Are you asking yourself What to Read This Spring? With warmer temperatures beginning to appear in the forecast, it’s time to take that book away from the cozy spot on the couch by the fireplace to a picnic in the park or on a beach vacation. If you need some help picking out the perfect book for this Spring, here are four books recommended by yours truly.

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